my work

I've always loved building user-facing products, and fortunately, I've been able to work with some awesome people to do just that. Here is a brief summary of the work I've done thus far.

Knight Hacks

Development Lead

Knight Hacks is Central Florida's largest software engineering organization. I joined as a freshman in hopes of furthering myself as a developer, but found way more than that.

Since I joined Knight Hacks in 2022, I've learned so much: from new technologies, to how to work with a team, and now, how to lead one. We've grown so much as a club, and I'm so happy to have been a part of such a fantastic community of open-minded and passionate engineers.


Software Engineering Intern - Design Systems

Discord is a communication platform designed to bring communities around the things they love. I joined their Design Systems team as a Software Engineering Intern, primarily working on tools to enhance designer workflows with AI. This team was filled with some of the brightest and most empathetic engineers and designers I've ever met. Their attention to detail and passion for the work they do was so inspiring that I couldn't help but study every pull request, design review and discussion to learn as much as I could in the few months I was there.

During my time at Discord, I learned so much about accessibility in software: concepts like WCAG , WAI-ARIA, how to build accessible web and mobile components. Of course, I also learned a lot about how to implement and maintain an effective design system, how to architect components at scale, and most importantly: how to efficiently perform cross functional work across various teams of designers, engineers, and product managers.

Discord was my first experience working as a software engineer at a company, let alone at a startup. It certainly wasn't easy. I solved some really hard problems, made a lot of mistakes, and learned a lot about from making those mistakes. This experience was invaluable, and the fact that I was able to work with the tech I love made it all the more special to me.